About BD Pop

BD Pop is a company dedicated to incubate and expand the regional music scene in Norrbotten. BD Pop provides financial support, personnel, contacts and other means of support to artists and entrepreneurs from Norrbotten and aims to promote the music scene as a whole while serving as the hub between the region and the national and international music industry.

BD Pop works across the entire region by maintaining an active dialogue with bands and local organizations, scouting for new talent, listening to demos, creating opportunities for professional recordings, arranging workshops and encouraging young music entrepreneurs to expand their business.

"Hothouse" is an incubator for talent development of individual artists, songwriters, sound engineers, producers etc.

For a royalty percentage, BD Pop can serve as an active partner in regional music productions by covering production costs or providing personnel or studio time. The productions must take place in Norrbotten or involve artists, participants or companies from the region.

BD Pop can also support smaller productions, such as single releases, tours and videos, by covering costs or providing studio time or personnel. Here we do not ask for any part of the royalty but request that the projects or their participants are based in Norrbotten.

BD Pop can provide support in the following fields:
- for songwriters, producers, musicians, aspiring managers, booking agents and others.
- recording costs, studio, equipment, producers etc.
- expenses in promotion, advertising, video, distribution etc.
- travel costs and accommodation
- for concerts and events, expenses for artists, equipment etc.
- participants fees, travel costs and accommodation